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Residential Air Conditioning in Cairns & Port Douglas

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Air Con for Your North Queensland Home

Alphacool is your local air conditioning authority, helping North Queenslanders beat the heat with money to spare. As one of the largest authorised Daikin distributors in Australia, we can unreservedly recommend their superior air conditioner products and offer you unbeatable pricing. We handle all major air conditioning brands, and our advice would always be in line with your requirements - both in terms of your cooling and your spending. We are all locals in tropical North Queensland, we know what we’re doing when it comes to residential air conditioning.

Our installation work is second to none and when service and maintenance are needed, we are the best in the business. We have our base in Cairns and we also have an office in Port Douglas. Talk to us about sales, installation, repair and maintenance of any type of residential air conditioning systems, including:

Single Split Systems

Multi Split Systems

Ducted Air Conditioning

You’ll benefit from our experience in exceeding customer expectations and our many years in the business. You can count on the advice of our experienced air con experts - unlike retail sales staff whose advice would be hampered by a relatively narrow selection of models, not to mention by incentives. We will direct you confidently toward the most cost-effective and efficient air conditioning solutions for your home in North Queensland.

You’ll be ordering a system that is the best match for both your budget and the space you’ll be cooling. Thanks to our offices in Cairns and Port Douglas, it’s likely we would have a team close to you. But anywhere in North Queensland is OK with us. Alphacool completes all work on every project to meet or exceed Australian standards.

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 Call 1300 325 742  Call 1300 325 742

We are an authorised distributor and installer of Daikin air conditioning systems but also provide high-quality products from leading manufacturers, including:




Actron Air


Bock Compressors




Temper Zone Williams

Refrigeration Australia

Having AlphaCool offices in Cairns and Port Douglas, we can rationalise deliveries and travel between locations for materials.

We can allocate staff and manage our service vehicles appropriately. As a consequence, we are able to pass on savings directly to our customers.

Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled or routine maintenance is the smart way to go if you are to get your money’s worth from your air conditioner. If you skip routine maintenance, you might save money momentarily but it doesn’t work out that way in the longer term.

In reality, this kind of maintenance is a very small price to pay to prevent poor system performance, which impacts on your power bill. More importantly, preventative maintenance for your air conditioning is a strategy geared to avoid system failures along with the costly repairs involved. Alphacool’s easy-to-afford maintenance services are well worth putting in place. Our residential air conditioning specialists will make sure your air con runs optimally.

And your chances of experiencing future air con failure and expensive repairs will be significantly reduced. When you’re ready to shut your air con system down for the season, call us at Alphacool. We’ll come to your home and:

Empty drainage pans & clear drain lines

Check the level of refrigerant in the system

Clean dust, mould & mildew from airways & ducts

Check the blower fans & blades for proper airflow

Clean the evaporator coils, condensate lines & condenser

Make sure the cooling tower is working properly

Inspect the condition of pulleys, belts & filters

Inspect the overall condition of the entire system

Make sure all electrical connections are tight & safe

Make sure that outdoor systems are adequately protected from the elements

The familiarity that Alphacool’s certified HVAC technicians possess cannot be over-estimated. They will take care of your air conditioners and will make recommendations based on the age and condition of the unit they are working on. Our technicians are also aware of the expected lifespan for the air conditioners and will make recommendations according to the best return for your dollar. They are able to detect a lot of problems that are yet to emerge. They can see where parts are wearing and although not broken as yet, can repair before breakage occurs. They are your key to a healthy functioning air conditioner and avoiding expensive repairs.

We are committed to keeping you cool, keeping your equipment running smoothly, reducing your energy costs, and saving you money now and in the long term. Regular maintenance will keep your system in tip-top condition when you need it most. Along with tailored air conditioning solutions by qualified technicians, Alphacool also provides 24/7 emergency repair services.

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For a free consultation, further information, or to book an air
conditioning installation.

 Call 1300 325 742  Call 1300 325 742