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Cool-Room & Generator Hire
in North Queensland

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Affordable Cool-Room &
Generator Hire

Alphacool provides affordable portable cool-room, freezer room hire and refrigeration services throughout North Queensland. We have offices in Port Douglas and Cairns and our services are guaranteed expedient for all surrounding North Queensland areas. 24/7 emergency service is available. Our friendly and efficient team will have you set-up and cooling quickly, when you’re needing to keep your perishables from perishing. 

We have the hire equipment to do the job, including generators if required. Alphacool’s wide range of rental equipment includes. Portable cold-rooms and or freezer rooms, on dual axle trailers. Ideal for parties and events.

Portable ducted air conditioning (large capacity) on single axle trailers. Commercial and domestic freezers and refrigeration. Air conditioning systems. Alphacool can deliver if required.

Alphacool has supplied reliable and affordable, portable refrigeration and air conditioning for countless North Queensland celebrations.  Whether briefly for the staging of an event, or for a longer duration to see you through the heatwave while your current system is being fixed, our air conditioner hire provides an ideal solution.

At Alphacool, we design and build cool-rooms for the specific needs of our clients. But, in the meantime, while manufacturing is underway, our temporary refrigeration and cool-rooms are available for growing businesses in CairnsPort Douglas, and surrounding areas.

Hiring a Cool Room or Generator for your next event is easy. Call our friendly Alphacool team today.

 Call 1300 325 742  Call 1300 325 742

Cool Quality

Alphacool uses and recommends quality products from leading manufacturers, such as:





Temper Zone

Actron Air


Skope Williams

Refrigeration Australia

Bock Compressors



Renting from Alphacool

Alphacool is 100% Australian-owned.

Locally owned and operated, our business started off in Cairns, before adding an office in Port Douglas as word-of-mouth spread about our uncompromising pursuit of quality in our products, services and customer care. You can count on our excellent reputation, state-of-the-art technologies, and of course, our motivated team. You won’t find a more affordable way to achieve your air conditioning, refrigeration, and electrical ambitions than with our highly-trained and experienced team.

Call Alphacool today and our team are happy to assist you.

 Call 1300 325 742  Call 1300 325 742