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Commercial Refrigeration/HVAC-R in Cairns & Port Douglas

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Optimising your Commercial Refrigeration System

Alphacool in Cairns is a leading specialist in commercial refrigeration for North Queensland. We design, supply, and install all types of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, including cool-rooms and customised freezer rooms of any size, for any need. If your business depends on preserving the quality of your product through the careful management of temperatures, AlphaCool can assist.

Alphacool can create innovative custom solutions that are designed to meet specific requirements. We can cater to your unique needs and design a suitable solution that will ensure your storage and distribution chains benefit from the best possible refrigeration facilities, regardless of the size of your operations.  With offices in Cairns and Port Douglas, Alphacool is ready to provide you with the best commercial refrigeration services in North Queensland. Our locations combine timeliness and convenience with the capacity for delivery of materials and allocation of resources, which all adds up to more efficient, more cost-effective service for you and your business.

Cutting-edge commercial refrigeration technologies are cool at Alphacool. We are consistently researching the latest innovations to conserve energy and reduce operating costs.

Alphacool can cater to a wide cross-section of commercial refrigeration in North Queensland, including hospitality, medical, agriculture, and the retail food industry.

At Alphacool, we will bring you premium-grade refrigeration systems that will allow you to optimise your business operations.

We specialise in installing, repairing, and maintaining all major brands of refrigeration equipment including Quantum, Skope, Williams Refrigeration Australia, Copeland, Bitzer, and Bock Compressors.

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Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance

Alphacool also provides scheduled maintenance services. If you are serious about your commercial refrigeration needs you need Alphacool to maintain your equipment. Regular maintenance not only ensures that your goods get the most reliable refrigeration, it also keeps the equipment running more cost-effectively. A compromised refrigeration unit will not be efficient and you will pay for it with your next electricity bill.

Much like servicing your car, regular maintenance serves to circumvent major issues that would otherwise lead to expensive repairs and potential business losses.

Our ongoing maintenance and repairs will ensure that your commercial refrigeration system is operating reliably and optimally to minimise running costs.

We will keep your refrigeration system running efficiently by routinely:

Inspecting & cleaning condensers and evaporator coils

Checking fan blower operation & cleaning fan blades

Inspecting the entire system for wear & damage

Disassembling & thoroughly cleaning ice makers

Checking and topping-up refrigerant levels

Cleaning gaskets & lubricating hinges

Checking electrical connections

Repairing any air or fluid leaks

Calibrating thermostats

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Consultations are free and we will answer any questions you might have. You can find out about the costs with our no-obligation, free quotes.

Every team member at Alphacool is dedicated to offering superior customer service, along with providing excellent products at affordable prices.

Our emergency breakdown recovery service is available 24/7.

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 Call 1300 325 742  Call 1300 325 742