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How Efficient are Air Conditioners?

How Efficient are Air Conditioners?

In Australia’s warm climate, air conditioners are a prominent feature in many homes and businesses.

These essential machines can help cool and control indoor environments, offering relief from the hot sun and humidity. But how efficient are air conditioners in Cairns & Port Douglas and how much energy do they actually consume?

Let’s explore two different aspects of air conditioning: cooling efficiency and energy efficiency. Read on below to find out more.

Cooling efficiency

An essential aspect of owning air conditioners is knowing how good they are at keeping your property cool.

With temperatures in Australian summers reaching up to 35°C, and sometimes even higher, many homeowners have concerns about leaving their pets indoors.

Meanwhile, business owners look for ways to keep their produce fresher for longer and their spaces more comfortable for employees and customers.

The capacity for your air conditioning unit to cool your premises will depend on the size and scope of your machine.

The larger your air conditioning unit, or if you have multiple units in one room, the more efficient they will be at keeping you cool.

Likewise, the difference between a residential air conditioner and a commercial air conditioning model can impact their cooling efficiency.

You should talk to an experienced supplier and installer who can assess the cooling efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

They can advise you on the best make and model for your property if your current unit is needing replacement or advise you if your unit needs repairs to help it cool efficiently.

Energy efficiency

Another factor to consider is the energy efficiency of your air conditioning unit.

According to a survey by Finder, 63% of people in Australia used their air-con during the warmer months in 2020.

Collectively, this amounted to an enormous $3.7 billion.

Similar problems arise in commercial settings. The Department of the Environment and Energy cites that Australia’s perishable food production in 2016 was worth an estimated $38 billion.

In this industry, foods pass through ‘tens of thousands of cool rooms’, meaning they can become very costly on the whole if using excessive energy.

Maximise the comfort you get from your AC unit by ensuring it’s energy-efficient.

Most newer models come with higher ratings for their energy efficiency, so it’s best to update old models to save money in the long run when they become too expensive to repair regularly.

Another way you can improve and maintain their energy efficiency is to have regular servicing of your units.

These maintenance services can help remove dust and debris, allowing your AC to run more smoothly and provide better air quality.

The takeaways

Overall, air conditioning units are a great way to control and cool your home or business’s temperature.

However, it’s vital that they operate efficiently to provide you with accurate temperature control and minimal running costs.

The three main ways you can do this are to:

  • Find the best unit size and model for your property
  • Update older models and replace them with energy-efficient alternatives
  • Book a regular maintenance service with your local AC expert to maintain optimal performance

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We can supply, install, and service your AC units from a range of reputable manufactures.

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