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How Does Split System Air Conditioning Work?

How Does Split System Air Conditioning Work?

One of the most popular types of air conditioning, a split-system air conditioner. 

It is ‘split’ into two units, compromising an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. They are known for being quiet, more energy-efficient, and easier to install than other types of air conditioners as there’s no need for ductwork.

Additionally, less heat exchange between units due to less ductwork means the units perform more efficiently and keep energy costs down, reducing your carbon footprint.

Split systems are beneficial for homes or offices that don’t readily accommodate window units.

Though installers will place the outside air conditioner on an external wall of your home, it doesn’t take in outside air.

Its primary purpose is to move unwanted heat out of your home rather than move cool air inside.


Before a qualified professional installs your air conditioner in Cairns, they will drill a small hole in the wall to accommodate pipes and electrical wiring.

This installation is faster and much cheaper than ductwork, as there is less invasive work involved.

They will mount the indoor unit to a wall in your home or office, where you prefer, and taking into account air flow across the room to be cooled. This unit consists of an evaporator coil, blower, and air filter.

The outdoor unit fits on or near the wall of the space where you house your indoor unit, and it’s here where we house your condenser coil, fan, compressor, and control modules. Because the compressor and fan are outside, so is the majority of the noise.

A series of high-pressure gas pipes and electrical wires connect the indoor and outdoor units, separate from the ducted system that traditional centralised air conditioning setups use.


The first step of split system air conditioning involves pumping gas refrigerant through a cooling circuit. Secondly, a compressor pumps this refrigerant into a condenser unit, and as the gas moves through, it vaporises into a liquid.

This liquid refrigerant then passes through an evaporator, and its job is to absorb the heat in your home or office and carry it outside. It enters the compressor’s inlet port from the outside, and the whole process can start over again.

Benefits of Split System Air Conditioners

According to Aussies spend a collective $3.7 billion on air conditioning in Australia over the summer period.

While split system air conditioners may be more of an upfront cost than a window unit, the operating costs over time will be cheaper.

Split systems are easy to maintain and operate, saving you money in the long run. Indoor units may require periodic cleaning, but this can quickly and safely be down by you at home. Of course, more comprehensive work can only be performed by a professional like us.

One of the most enticing elements of split system air conditioners is their sleek design, which blends with most modern décors.

The outdoor units can also be ‘hidden’ or covered as long as there is a steady stream of free-flowing air.

Don’t put off that air-conditioning any longer.

Give the team from Alphacool a  call 1300 325 742 and get your split system air conditioner installed and be prepared before the warmer months arrive.

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