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Please enjoy the articles we post here in our Alphacool Blog. We talk about general air conditioning concerns and matters relevant to commercial refrigeration. When information comes to hand about the latest industry developments, we’ll try to include our thoughts about them here too.

Unearth the Potential: Excavation Works by Alphacool. Whether it's site preparation, foundation excavation, trenching or land clearing, no project is too big or too small for our capable team.

Are heavy rains wreaking havoc on your property? Is excess water pooling in unwanted areas, causing damage and inconvenience?

Look no further! Introducing Soakage Trenches, the innovative and eco-friendly water management solution from Alphacool.

Did you know Alphacool have a set and forget service? No need for lots of post-it note reminders cluttering up your life. You can arrange with the Alphacool Team for your aircons to be cleaned and serviced annually and not think about it again.

Have you ever wondered how large commercial walk-in cool rooms are made? Take a look at some progress shots of a recent custom commercial cool room and freezer room job we manufactured and installed.

Are you a fridgie, sparky or plumber and looking for a job with great remuneration, work/life balance all whilst working with a fun loving team? If this sounds like you, come work for Alphacool.

In North Queensland, where for 9 months of the year you are hot and sticky just walking to your car in the morning, aircons are an indispensable appliance in your home and workplace. They not only provide us comfort by keeping us cool, they also circulate the air, reducing the amount of pollen and other airborne allergens lurking in the air.  So, what happens when our aircons aren’t working at their capacity?

At Alphacool we understand it is important to invest in the continued upskilling of our staff and also the infrastructure to improve our back-end operations. Alphacool participated in the Entrepreneurs’ Programme Growth Roadmap service in 2020 and we recently caught up with AusIndustry for a quick chat.

If your air conditioning in Cairns isn’t working properly, chances are you’re pretty hot and uncomfortable, not to mention frustrated and worried about getting it repaired. That’s when it’s time to call Alphacool. We specialise in air conditioning and can install new air conditioners as soon as possible. Wondering if it can be fixed instead […]